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Two General Family Dental Practices

 Niagara Falls, Ontario
Ref. #1128

Two separate general family dental practices located in Niagara Falls.            
The first practice has an amazing central and visible location, the second is closer to the center of town. Both practices are in standalone buildings owned by the same Dentist. The vendor is therefore willing to grant an excellent premises lease to both practices. 

Both practices have operated in the city for over 20 years, but in 2 different manners. The larger practice has, over the past 10 years, been associate driven with much turnover, and the other, operated by a single dentist who built his practice and then more recently has semi-retired and continues to associate for the new owner.  Here are the approximate details of each practice:

  • The larger practice is 5 ops 
  • over 2000 sq. ft. 
  • billed $980,000 in last 12 months
  • about 1,700 patients
  • The smaller practice is older
  •  bills about $200,000
  •  4 ops
  •  1,700 sq ft.
  • 500 patients on a part time basis


Both practices have a high amount of social assistance patients and manage that situation very well. While not optimal for any practice, this is not uncommon for these locations and general area.  

The investor Vendor is selling and has decided that it is a challenge to own and operate these practices effectively from afar and is willing to sell together or separately. Since they are some distance apart, they do not compete, but likely don’t really represent an opportunity to merge.

If interested, please let me know which practice, large or small, or both.


Periodontic Practice

 GTA, Ontario
Ref. #1127

Successful Periodontal practice in the Greater Toronto Area.

Many referring dentists, implant placement, root planing etc.

Currently in cost share situation on the ground floor steps from a major subway station. Practice can be moved.

18% Surgery.

4.5 days of hygiene/root planing per week. Periodontist works 3 days per week.

Vendor will stay on to assist with transition.



General Family Practice

 West Central Mississauga, Ontario
Ref. #1124

Please see this listing for a newer 3 operatory family dental practice located in a new high-end condo building in West Central Mississauga.          

This practice is in an amazing location for growth, has street visibility to one of the busiest intersections in Mississauga, across from the Hospital and serves an array of new high end condo buildings. The practice features 3 equipped operatories and is in a nicely appointed suite. There are 5 free parking spaces for patients.    

The part time practice was opened in September 2021 and has been operating with associates. Since opening, the practice has produced over $220,000 in 11 months, and has attracted over 325 new patients. The practice is in an excellent location and has significant upside to a new owner who could focus on marketing and spending time to build this practice.  

The practice has a solid premises lease, offering long-term access with no demolition clause, and a relocation clause where the landlord pays expenses if relocated.





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